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    Na ons huwelijk in Dokkum, de verlate huwelijksreis naar Zuidoost Azië, en onze gezamelijke promotie in Groningen, bevinden wij (Danka en Wiep Klaas) ons momenteel in Somerville, in de Verenigde Staten van Amerika waar we allebei werken aan een universiteit (Northeastern University en MIT).
    Via dit blog willen we het thuisfront op de hoogte houden van ons doen en laten.
    Een reactie op onze berichtjes of een e-mail wordt natuurlijk altijd gewaardeerd, ook als we geen tijd zouden hebben om direct persoonlijk te reageren.
    Alvast bedankt!
    9-12 juli 2009; Lewis lab trip & BBQ
    Danka schrijft:
    Labuitje – Lab-retreat with Antimicrobial Discovery Center (ADC).
    As every year, summer is the time for a semi-annual summary meeting of the ADC.
    After a big discussion when and where should we go, the decision was made and on Thursday morning, the 9th of July, we went towards Stockbridge, MA. Our accommodation place was The Red Lion Inn. It is a very old Inn, dating from around 1773. I had the feeling that I was in an antique shop or in a place from a different era. It was interesting to be there. The beds were on the height of ~1 meter; a bit difficult to get on with a big belly .
    Attention everyone!
    During the lab-retreat everybody was giving a short presentation with a summary what was done in the last half a year and what are the goals are for the future. On Thursday the "Persisters" and the "Unculturables" (two of the subgroups in the lab) were presenting.
    After an efficient discussion, we went for a well-deserved dinner at the famous Red Lion Inn Restaurant. Mniam, it was a great food! I ate a lot. Poor Miska had not so much space in my belly later on. However, she should not complain since later we went swimming so hopefully some calories were burnt. The evening/night we spent integrating near or in the pool.
    Relaxing by the pool
    The next day, my subgroup – Drug Discovery - was presenting. After checking out, we went for lunch in the middle of nowhere at Bombay Grill in Lee, MA. Luckily the food was not spicy so I could eat everything! After a siesta near the pool with a banjo concert by Heather, we went for the recreational part of our trip – kajaking on the Goose Pond.
    Danka presenting her work and vision
    We got all kinds of different equipment – single kayaks , doubles and canoes. Of course I was tempted to opt for a single kajak. After checking if I could still manage to get in and out of it I decided to take it! It was great to be on the water. The big belly was comfortable and Miska also enjoyed the movement of the waves.
    Danka (in XXL life vest) and Gabriele
    The majority of the group went towards a second lake – but not me. I was assisting the rescue of Gabriele who got crashed by Larry’s canoe. Since we were at the end of the group nobody noticed Gabriele swimming, so the rescue team consisted of a pregnant woman and a trained seawater rescuer – Laura. She really knew what to do!
    Gabriele tries to get back in the kayak
    Gabriele almost managed to get back to the kayak but he flipped over again. This time the kayak got too much water and we needed to paddle to the nearest shore together with Tobi who joined our rescue team. Later we did some paddling but not so much since it was hot and the rest of the group was already on the way back.
    Lewis lab at Goose Pond
    It was a very nice day. However I need to say that the amount of energy in my body is getting limited, or maybe used by my small belly girl?
    Did somebody say "small belly?"
    Shortly after coming back there was another ADC event. I was surprised that almost everybody wanted to join a barbecue at Iris' place so soon after the retreat. But it turns out they had a surprise for the pregnant girls (me and Yanxia), in the blue dress on the picture); an improvised baby-shower. Here in the US you get gifts prior to the birth of your child and we got a giftcard!

    Laura (left) masterminded everything
    The weather was great, and many people brought their partner, children and/or doggy too, so it was very gezellig!


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